We first met BoB on the golf course – of course, where else? Lars played quiet a good round and wanted to hit some more balls on the driving range. . . and there he was. BoB looked so sad and Lars had to ask him ‘What’s up little boy?’

He said that he is so sick of his normal life on the golf course. Being surrounded only by the rich and famous, he always wanted to explore our lovely planet besides the ‘perfect’ golf world. Seeing other places, getting to know people and cultures, listen to new music, trying unknown food, just travelling.That is what he was dreaming about the whole day long. But for a little curious golf ball that was a huge dream. How should he ever travel around the world? He had hardly any money and he was too small for long travels.

Lucky for him, that Lars met BoB on that day. He and Liane wanted to quit their jobs anyway and start travelling. ‘Why not with a golf ball?’ Liane asked. ‘He is small, light, doesn’t eat too much (that’s what we thought) and he looks like a funny guy.’ Both couldn’t resist BoB’s sad looking eyes and the decision was made.

So Liane and Lars told BoB that he can travel with them and he started to cry as he couldn’t believe it. BoB packed his backpack, said goodbye to his collegues and friends on the golf course and started his big adventure around the world!



Hi, I am Lars and I really appreciate that you read all this, because I am not such a cool person like many others. I am no Freedom Fighter, crazy journalist or superb fotographer. No, I am just me 🙂 Okay, I am travelling with a golf ball, maybe I am a bit ‘special’.
People always say travelling is their LIFE. Well, it’s the same with me. Already as a kid I moved from one city to another with my parents and I still have this nomadic feeling in my blood. I lived in 10 different cities and 3 countries. I visited 13 countries before I met BoB and of course I want to visit MORE 🙂 .

I LOVE to play golf but I had just few time to play as I worked the last 10 years in the 5 star hotel industrie in the Sales and Marketing department. If I liked my job? Oh yes, I really did!
BUT NOW it’s time for another LIFE EXPERIENCE. . . and believe me, this travel is one!


And who is the third part in this trio? Me… Liane 🙂 Nice to meet you!
I think it is not difficult to start liking travelling but I guess, it is something different to have a passion for it. The roots of my passion can probably be traced back to my childhood. Grown up in a very touristy place at the coast of the Baltic Sea, I have always been surrounded by travellers. After school I started to study ‘Leisure and Tourism Management’. What a surprise! 😉 During that time I experienced my first longer stays away from home, in New Zealand and on Tenerife, Spain.

I enjoyed the time being abroad so much! It was also the time when I discovered the photography. To keep memories alive with pictures is just great. (However I am still far away from a professional! Luckily I have a quite good camera that helps a lot 😉  After these two longer trips, my wanderlust became bigger. A few years later I spend another 6 months in Australia, doing ‘work and travel’ with a friend. But that was still NOT enough. I did not want to put away my backback. There are still too many places to see in this world. And then it happend… Just one year later Lars and I left home together and started our big adventure with our sweet golf ball BoB.


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