Antigua: Busy markets and mountain views

From the Mayan world of Tikal an eight hour bus ride took us to the capital of Guatemala City. There we changed the bus and two hours later we arrived in the very popular Antigua.
Surrounded by impressing mountains Antigua offers a special atmosphere. A lot of travellers had the same feeling so that this place has become a little melting pot for people from America and Europe. You find modern cafes and many fast food companies here 😉 Nevertheless it still has a Guatemaltecan character.
The streets are small and in every corner you find beautiful churches and ruins. The market of Antigua invites to stroll around. Even when you don’t want to buy anything it is a pleasure to see the busy locals selling their products. Even after some weeks of travelling and visting different markets it is still unfamiliar to see chicken, pork and beef hanging outside, not in a fridge.
For a great view of Antigua BoB and we climbed up a view point. We enjoyed just sitting there for a while and observing the ‘small’ people running in the streets.
Our small hotel ‘Los Encuentros’ was a nice place to stay and the host prepared a great breakfast for us every morning. We were happy that we could use the kitchen and after a lot of local food we spoiled ourselfes with selfmade crepes . . . just like at home :).

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