After a great week with our host Rod, we decided to visit one more spot in Belize. We heard of o cool and relaxed island in the Caribbean Sea, called Caye Caulker… a backpacker’s pardise. We took the bus to Belize City and from there a water taxi to the island. Even the boat trip (which takes about 45 min) was an amazing experience because the water taxis are reaaally faaast.

The island itself is 3km wide and 8km long but the touristic part ist just on a very small part of the island and there are no cars only golf carts. BoB felt a little bit like home ?

The whole island is really amazing and looks like a postcard, wherever you are. The people are cool and relaxt and we heared Reggae music everywhere.

We stayed at the hostel PAUSE and had a beatiful cabana with sea view. The water was only 10 steps away ?

Maggie, the owner of the hostel, was a great host and she takes care of a lot of cats and dogs which she finds on the island as some people just want to get rid of their animals. The money we payed for the hostel was for a good cause though and we liked it to have so many lovely cats and dogs around us.

We thought on Caye Caulker, Belize you can just go into the water and snorkel along the coral reefs but it was a little bit disappointing that in fact there is just sea grass kilometres around the island. Anyway, we wanted to snorkel again and you find around 15 dive centers on the island and they bring you to the right spots. As they have all more or less the same price, we took … which was recommended by two Germans we met in our hostel.

We booked the ‘day tour’ with three stops and had an amaaazing time with Savador our diving teacher. We snorkeld with big fish, turtles, sting rays and BoB’s special friends. . . the nurse sharks. Maybe there are not that dangerous to snorkel with, but they can be four meters long and it’s a strange feeling if you jump to them into the water.

 “That was on my bucket list”

We spent fantastic three days on Caye Caulker, Belize and recommend this beautiful island to everyone who likes a chilling atmosphere, colourful small wooden houses and coconut palm trees.