Yesterday we enjoyed a calm day in our hostel. But today we wanted to do something and after our amazing snorkelling trip a few days ago we wanted to go back into the water.


Near Tulum there are so many places for snorkelling that our funny golf ball BoB needed to make a decision. So we went to the natural lagoon ‘Yal-ku’ in Akumal, It’s just a 15 minute drive by taxi from Tulum. When we arrived at the lagoon a heavy rain started and we weren’t sure if we should enter it. But at the end we were more than happy that we did it.


This lagoon is a big area with calm and clear water where you can swim and snorkel for hours. The water is not as cold as in a cenote which makes it very comfortable.

Already when you enter the water you can see the first small fish A bit further you can see really big, beautiful colored ones and whole schools of fish. Sometimes they were so close that you could have touched them. It was fantaaaastic!! And even the surroundings of the lagoon are so green and nicely arranged that you can spend a great day here.


On our way back to the taxi we passed the bar & restaurant ‘La buena vida’. Directly located at the beach it was the perfect place for our first Mexican Pina Colada. Sitting on a swing at the bar is much fun :).



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