There are at least 5000 other travel blogs in the world wide web and we want to point out our favorites (in random order). We don’t care about an alexa rank, google page rank, if they have the best pictures in the world or if you can follow them on every social media platform. No, we just care about one thing:

If WE like it!… oh yes and BoB!

Just one way ticket

Sabrina is maybe the best travel writer of all travel bloggers we know so far and her pictures are great and inspiring. We love her story about ‘8 Steps to Freedom – How I quit my Job and traveled the world’. We have the same internet provider (as you can see) and we are thankful for her tips and tricks, but are still miles away from her professionalism. Have a look!

My tan feet

The cool comic lookalike feet are not the only reason why you should have a closer look on the travel blog by Samantha and Yeison. If you have no idea why you should visit Costa Rica, you will find hundreds of inspiring blog posts on their webpage. We are pretty sure this blog will become BIG in the future. Good luck guys!

1000 places to fight

There are a lot of couples travelling around the world but Luci and Mike from ‘1000 places to fight before you die’ bring it to the point. As a couple you are not just travelling and having fun, you also have some ‘fights’ :). This blog is pefect for every travelling couple and everybody who wants to see some nice fights 🙂

That Backpacker

Audrey is already one of the big players in the travel blogger world. She has over 100.000 facebook fans and visited over 30 countries. She is a freelance writer, great photographer and we think BoB is a little bit in love with her 🙂 There is a lot to explore on her great blog, so go and check it out!

JUST travelous

Have you ever been tattooed by a buddhistic monk? No? Then you have to check out the great blog of Yvonne from JUST travelous! She did it… and other crazy things too. Read about them in her bilingual blog – English and German and check out her great videos and pictures!

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We would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to our families at home for supporting our travel. It is always easier to travel around the world when you know you have families and friends who think of you and care about you. You all motivate us to keep on travelling and to enjoy every single moment. We hope to see you all soon!


And a journey is not the same without all the great people we meet on our way. It is sometimes incredible how easy it is to have funny, interesting, impressing, and sometimes also serious talks with ‘strangers’. We have learned so much about others lifes, ideas, dreams, and wishes and are so HAPPY and PROUD that we have the chance to experience all that! THANK YOU backpackers for being a part of our trip. Safe travels and see you soon!


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