BoB and the 400 m long water slide

Four months ago we were sitting in Germany, in front of our computer and did some research on the highlights of Central and South America. And more or less by accident we watched a video of a 400 metre long water slide in Costa Rica. From the first second on we knew that we want to go there and ride this looooong slide.


We left the great beach of Playa Grande and drove further north into direction of Liberia. BoB and Guido did not know where we are going to, as it should be a surprise 🙂 Both tried to find out what we are going to do, they thought about horse riding or hiking through a National Park . . . but NO! They were totally wrong.


It took a while to reach the ‘Buena Vista Lodge’ as the last 10 kilometres were unpaved road and we already thought that we took the wrong way. But then we were welcomed by a big gate and we entered the property, which is huge. You can do a lot of things here but the best one was our surprise. 🙂

We four went to the reception and here BoB and Guido realised what we are going to do and BoB became sooo excited. We got wristbands, put on our swimming things, and were equipped with a helmet and a big floating tire.


The waterslide is very impressive as it runs through the Tropical Forest. It used to be a river and the owners thought ‘Why not using the water from the mountains for a water slide!?‘ :).  


We walked through the forest, along the slide, until we reached the starting point. BoB couldn’t believe what he was seeing and he wanted to be the first one riding the slide. He was absolutely determined to do it. Lars took him and both sat down in the slide. Behind them was a pool where the river water had been collected and suddenly the gate was opened. A whole bunch of water touched BoB’s and Lars backs and the ride started! 🙂 BoB loved the thrilling ride and in every corner he thought he would miss the turn and jump out of the slide into the forest :). It amazed him how long the ride felt. . . 400 metre are looong!

After some time full of excitement BoB and Lars reached the end and fell into a pool. Both wanted to slide again and had two more runs.


Very happy we all left the waterslide and went to our lockers for changing our clothes. Here another challenge was already awaiting us . . . our combination lock wouldn’t open. ‘What the hell is that?‘, we all thought. We talked to an employee and he tried to get a tool to open the lock. Meanwhile Guido moved the numbers and tried to get the lock open and indeed . . . suddenly it made ‘klick‘. Somehow one of the three numbers had changed. So weird!! But we were happy that we could travel further to our next location: La Fortuna.


La Fortuna is famous for many adventure activities and here we checked in at ‘Hotel La Amistad’. Simple but clean. Here we stayed for three nights and did some great day trips. More in our next blog posts :).

BoB’s travel tip for the water slide at Buena Vista Lodge in Costa Rica:


The easiest way to get to Buena Vista Lodge is by car. Don’t be irritated that it takes a while to the reach the lodge. You take the Interamericana from Liberia and after 13 kilometres you turn right at Cañas Dulces. From here you drive another 18 kilometres to the lodge. This way feels much longer as the road is unpaved for most of the time. But keep on going! It’s worth it! Park at the reception and ask here, if you can ride the slide for several times. In our case the employee said ‘yes’ and we had three instead of only one ride (for the same price of 15 dollars per person :).

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