Originally we wanted to stay for five days in Tulum in the hostel ‘Tulum Naa’. But as there are so many things to do and the hostel is so nice we finally stayed for 10 days.

The hostel is super clean and the price is good. It is not too big and very quiet. The staff is very frindly, helpful and it is very close to the main street with its shops and restaurants. 


On Lars birthday we had a great Mexican dinner with tacos and tortillas which we filled with meat, beans, rice and some hot sauce. Of course we also had to try a Mexican beer… Leon is a very good one :).


As mentioned before there are soooo many beaches around Tulum where you can just hang up. We like the beach ‘Playa Paraiso’ very much. It is really like paradise.


If you wonder why we posted a picture of shopping carts. . . Look at the way how they are positioned. Is it the same in your country?


By the way . . .

One evening we introduced BoB to a ‘little’ friend that we found at our window. It had eight legs and was very hairy :). Our normally so cool golf ball was scared as hell.


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