On our last day in Tulum we wanted to go snorkeling again :). Two lovely girls from Germany we met in our hostel, Kati and Anni, mentioned a place at the sea with a cenote and a wide beach that only locals know. With a ‘colectivo’, a small taxi bus, we went to this place called Xcacel (you can’t imagine how difficult it is to pronounce it correctly :). You can enter the area for free, only a small donation is greatly appreciated because it’s a natural preserve area. First we went to a small cenote where we saw a spiny lobster and small fish.


The highlight though, was the turtle beach around the corner with hundreds of turtle nests. Unfortunately we couldn’t see any turtles during our snorkeling tour but we weren’t disappointed. We had the second biggest reef of the world right in front of us ūüôā You can’t image how beautiful and big the corals and fish was. The water was so warm that we could enjoy this amazing experience for several hours.


Our last stop in Mexico brought us to a larger city called ‘Chetumal’. It’s located very closely to the border to Belize and it’s definitively no travel destination (for us). Anyway we had two good nights in our nice hostel ‘La Posada Chetumal’ which is hosted by a lovely family. It was a great stay because you share the whole house with them what makes you feel like you are a part of them.


Now we have to say Goodbye to Mexico. It has been a great time and a perfect start for our trip. Thanks for many amazing experiences! We are sure that we will come back one day..


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